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World Heart Day – Healthy Tips to Ensure Healthy Heart

World Heart Day is celebrated annually on September 29 with an aim of spreading awareness among the people about the cardiovascular disease (CVD) and other heart ailments such as stroke and heart attack which are the major cause of death every year, approximately 17.5 million people. The World Heart Day also supports in spotlighting the habits that can prevent this life taking disease and control cardiovascular disease.

History and facts related to World Heart Day

World Heart Day is a drive and campaign formulated to stream cognizance about the healthy heart among the general public and people all around the globe. In the year 2000 this particular initiative was founded to inform and aware the people to take care and ensure a healthy heart. There has been a huge jump off in the percentage of people suffering from the heart diseases in the society. These diseases include stroke, CVD etc. The heart problems are studied and analyzed to be the top most cause of deaths in the whole world.

India – The capital of heart diseases?

With a huge acceleration in the CVD and heart attacks India is said to become the ‘heart disease capital of the world’ in the approaching time. The major reason behind this is the unhealthy eating habits and passive lifestyle. People do not pay the required attention towards the health of their heart which leads to sudden strokes and heart failures. People need to understand the value of their life and how a healthy heart plays the major role in giving you a long life.

Tips to boost the health of your heart

When you make up your mind to keep your heart fit and healthy, that is the perfect time to make some changes to your lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits. Amendments in food habits take the first place to ensure a healthy heart. Adoption of an active lifestyle will surely give you positive results. Here are the tips that can help you achieve a healthy heart and keep you away from cardiovascular diseases:

  • Eat a healthy diet: Eat well by comprising the intake of fruit and vegetables, whole grains, fish and pulses, instead of junk food and other high salted. Restrict the consumption of alcohol.
  • Be more energetic and active: Make it a routine to include 30 minutes of exercise in your day to day life. The World Health Organization (WHO) appeals the young people to engage in physical activity of at least 30 minutes in order to maintain fitness.
  • Quit the habit of smoking: Smoking is considered to be the biggest evil that puts your heart on risk. It increases the risk of coronary heart disease. This can be reduced by saying no to smoking.
  • Regular medical checkups: Visiting your doctor in a specific time period is must to keep a check on your heart’s functioning. Take a proper checkup to prevent any heart related ailments. Regular visits to doctor can improve the fitness of your heart.
  • Be aware of the symptoms: A person must be aware enough to recognize the prime signs and symptoms of a heart disease.


Hence, the World Heart Day plays a relevant role in awaking the people and makes them aware about the risks that can arise from an unhealthy heart; it is important to initiate a step towards changing the lifestyle and be more active.