December 1st “World AIDS Day” – Time to Fight Against HIV

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Since 1988, World AIDS Day is being celebrated globally on December 1st every year. This day endows a wonderful opportunity for the people across the globe to come together and join the fight against HIV. It is the day to deliver speeches and show concern regarding people living with this deadly disease. It is celebrated and events are held to showcase support for HIV sufferers as well as commemorate those who died in its hands.


As the name suggests, it is the day that is declared globally for the first time. The primary motivation derived to celebrate this day comes from the 100,000 people who are diagnosed with this disease only in the UK, taking a global figure of approx. 34 million people. It is tagged as the most destructive pandemics and virus ever recorded in history. However, there are many medical advances that have come to rescue people from this deadly disease, there have been many laws that have been passed to safeguard protect people living with HIV.

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World Aids Day aims at spreading about know-how and means to remain protected against this disease. It also throws sharp criticism on those who show discrimination to those people by spreading misconception on touch-ability and eating together and other things. This day reminds public and Government authorities that this disease is still prevalent and spreading in societies and there is an ever-persistent need to raise money, fight prejudice, increase awareness, and improve education among people based in every nook and corner of the world.

On this day, every citizen must pledge to show support and share harmony to people living with HIV. Another way to show support to them is by wearing a red ribbon. It also brings at disposal great opportunity to raise money that goes directly to NAT (National AIDS Trust). Another way to celebrate this day by holding events that can raise money for these sufferers. It can be done by organizing a bake sale, designing / selling red ribbons for the purpose of fundraising.

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The event must also be taken forward to keep the momentum going and rendering support to the HIV sufferers all year round. People also have the option to sign up for NAT’s newsletter that is one way to remain updated regarding recent developments in HIV and regarding the work undertaken by National AIDS Trust. Taking up any additional job/task that can contribute to the well-being of these patients is a great gesture.

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