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Universal Children’s Day

20th Nov is regarded as  Universal Children’s Day and is held in great spirits and enthusiasm across the world. This day is dedicated to children who are believed to have strong rights in the society. The theme of this day states that every child has the right to thrive and survive in the society, avail education, and stay safe from any type of abuse or violence.

Government in United States arranges dialogues in favor of children to ensure that their rights are secured. This ‘body of thought’ was established in the year 1954 and now celebrates this day on November 20th each year to endorse international togetherness, awareness regarding children’s rights, and improving their overall health and welfare and addressing children residing in every nook and corners of the world.

Universal Children Day

November 20th is also the date when the UN General Assembly adopted the Declaration of the Rights of the Child in the year 1959. This body is extremely delighted to run ‘Save the Children’ event which spreads the idea of bringing a halt to Violence against Children in its true sense! This day is regarded highly since millions of children become victims of brutality and violence every year and are unattended when it comes claiming their rights. This day, as the name suggests, is a Universal Celebration and reaches out to children in every country, culture and social levels who are victims of physical abuse, exploitation, neglect, and violence. They encount