This Dussehra Burn your Gloom and Seek Prosperity

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Dussehra is considered to be one of the significant Hindu festivals celebrated in India. This festival is celebrated in each and every corner of the country with great energy and enthusiasm. Every person celebrating this holy festival contributes to the prosperity and merriness of Dussehra. Dussehra is a festival of acceptance of good and its potency to subdue evil. This enticing and heartening festival is celebrated by every Indian. Dussehra is also known as Vijayadashami and tends to be celebrated differently in different regions of India.

Story Related to Dussehra

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The festival of Dussehra is distinctive in its notion and significance. As per the great Hindu epic Ramayana, Lord Rama killed Ravana on the tenth day which is known as Dussehra. It is known to be the triumph of virtue over sin and evil. Ravana was a cruel king who said to have abducted Ram’s wife, Sita. Ravana was also known as a dictating and propelling ruler of Lanka. Lord Rama killed Ravana and his evil brother Kumbhkaran and his son Meghnath in a ten-day-long battle. Lord Rama chopped off the ten evil heads of Ravana and secured his wife from his trap.

Celebrations and Traditions of Dussehra Festival

In most of the places in India exact from ten days before Dussehra, the whole Ramayana is enacted and characters of Ram, Lakshman, and Ravana tend to be played by the artists in various parts of India. The occasion is also celebrated in numerous countries where people belonging from Hindu religion are residing outside India. Dussehra reminds us the power of truth and sacrifice. People tend to gather at several places where the giant dummies and colossal effigies of Ravana, Kumbhkaran, and Meghnath get burned in massive fire and sparkle. People from far away mark their presence to witness this glorious scene. On this special occasion, people chant the values and greatness of Lord Rama and the sacrifices he made for his family.

The craze of Dussehra festival can be seen in children who put up the colorful masks of Ram, Lakshman and Hanuman, etc. on their faces and enact like them as well. They cheer the holy slogans and add up the enthusiasm in this special event. Ram Leela is the biggest event that is celebrated for whole ten days on the occasion of Dussehra. Dussehra is also celebrated in various schools and learning centers too. The festival presents and showcases the victory, sacrifice, will-power, and unity. It is significant that every child gets to know the importance of Dussehra festival with an aim to align themselves with the chronicle culture and tradition and also experience the relevancy of good forces and gathering the courage to take a stance against evildoers.

Final Thoughts

This Dussehra let’s take a step ahead and make efforts to diminish our own inner evils and negativity. The efforts should be made to focus more on the positive aspects of life rather than worrying about past events. The tradition and cultures related to Dussehra is quite enticing, so we all must contribute a bit to cherish this day with utmost positivity.