Let’s Honor and Thank the Teachers on their Special Day

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Endless encouragement, support, appreciation with a bit of scold and strictness is what we all are familiar in the form of our respected teachers. Teachers are the special ones who are responsible for making us a better person today in all the positive aspects. We can never repay the time they invested in us for shaping our future. Not only the time, but we must also thank them for their affection and faith within us. Teachers are considered to be the candles that melt slowly in giving light and encouragement to their students every single time.

Let’s Learn About the Interesting History Related to 5th September – Teachers Day

Dr. Sarvepalli Radha Krishnan was India’s first vice-president and second president. He was a friendly teacher and was very popular among his students for the way he taught and encouraged the students. Out of honor and affection, his students asked him for his permission to celebrate his birthday on 5th September 1962. Dr. Sarvepalli Radha Krishnan rather suggested them to honor and dedicate this day to the teachers around the nation. Since then 5th September is celebrated as Teachers Day in each and every corner of India.

Teachers Day

Why this Day Holds Prominent Significance?

We all must agree to the fact that teaching is the most selfless and dignified job which helps in building the career and future of the students. Sadly nowadays most of the students forget to appreciate and thank their hardworking teachers after their academic phase. This needs to be rectified as teachers play a major role in enhancing a student’s abilities.

Role of Teachers in a Student’s Life

The relationship between students and teachers cannot be expressed in words. There is a lot more into it rather than plain teaching. Students acquire the most of their positive traits and confidence from the preaching of their teachers. There can never be any substitute of a teacher. The little things they embed in their students so that they can learn and grow more in future. The teacher shows them the difference between excellence and intelligence. They not only teach them to acquire the bookish knowledge but also make the comprehensive regarding the basic fundamental and people skills. Teachers are the real-life ideals for students as they always encourage them to explore their abilities and interest. Teachers tend to devote their time and energy into the students with the hope that they can see them succeeding in near future. It is always said that teachers are the only mentors who want their students to go a step ahead to them and be more successful than them.

Celebrations Regarding Teachers Day

This day tends to be celebrated with utmost enthusiasm and honor. The students in school dedicate special speeches and events for their teachers. In many schools, students dress up as their teachers for the whole day and also enact like them. Students perform several acts with an aim to please their teachers.

Final Thoughts

We all must have come across many types of teachers in our lives. Some of them might be strict and serious, some of them are funny and light-hearted as well but they all invest their time in building our minds and thoughts. So the request must be equal for each of them. They all try to ease our path in the way of success. This day is the perfect time to make them realize their true worth with your affectionate efforts. We all must take out some time to visit or wish them for their special day. This Teachers Day thank your real-life selfless heroes.