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Latest Trends In Digital Marketing

Here you will find chronological updates about latest advancements in digital marketing

  • E-A-T : expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness, are quality indexes of content.
  • The maximum length of Instagram video is 60 second.
  • Link,Content and RankBrain are 3 important ranking factors.
  • SEO is now more important. Google has removed sidebar advertisements. You need more SEO support to save cost and get more business.Better SEO is required for better PPC.
  • Topical relevance is more important than keyword density. Analyse your web page with semantics-analyser.
  • If you analyse SERP for local search queries, you will find multiple local services websites in SERP. To improve your ranking , please mention popular location keywords in your page content.

    Latest Trend In Digital Marketing- Amici
    Latest Trend In Digital Marketing