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International Anti- Corruption Day: An initiative towards development, peace and security

International Anti-Corruption Day is discerned on 9th December, since the year 2003 and was considered to be practiced after the United Nations Convention against Corruption on 31st October of the following year.

What is Corruption?

Using the power inappropriately for private gain is known as corruption. It can be political, petty and grand depending upon the money taken or lost dues to it.  

Grand Corruption includes the crimes committed at a higher and larger level. It can also include distorting the policies and workings of government in any way. Petty corruption is the corruption that happens day to day or can also be called as everyday abuse of entrusted power.

Political corruption is a manipulation of policies, institutions and rules of procedure in the allocation of resources and financing by political decision makers, who abuse their position to sustain their power, status and wealth. See animated definitions of many corruption terms in our Anti-corruption Glossary.

Anti-Corruption Day
The harsh reality of corruption,

Brainchild of this day

It is basically to put light on the issues that are related the seriousness of problems and inconveniences that are caused due to corruption. The above mentioned issues also contemplate the society towards meager development and more downfalls. It is directly adding to the flickering stability of the nation’s security and losing importance of democracy. It also leads us toward jeopardizing sustainable development and the law.

International Anti Corruption Day
Say No to Corruption.

Objectives of this day

This day is to persuade and promote anti -corruption and strengthen measures to protect the same. The idea is to promote, regulate and facilitate and support international cooperation. Also proper management promotes integrity of public affairs and public property.

Theme 2016: United against corruption for development, peace and security

According to the statistics every year $1 trillion is used by the people in form of bribes while an estimated $2.6 trillion are stolen annually through corruption. This is a total of more than 5% of the global GDP.

In countries where development is the main motive, the amount lost in corruption could definitely help in development.

Corruption is considered a very serious crime that can give a very wrong impression about the work system to the individuals. Every country, region or community is affected and is in grip of corruption.  

This year UNODC and UNDP have developed a joint global campaign, focusing on how corruption affects education, health, justice, democracy, prosperity and development.

International Anti Corruption Day
Corruption is a very serious crime,