Indian Navy Day – A Celebration for 45th Anniversary

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As an Indian, I feel proud writing about our fighters. This time it is for our naval part of our armed force. We have been celebrating this day in their honor for the past 44 years and this year will be our 45th anniversary. The reason we celebrate this day is because of the fight we won against Pakistan.

‘4th December 1971’

Indian Navy Day 4-Dec-1971
Indian Navy Feat Against Pakistan

This was the day the Indian Navy went up against Pakistani Navy in a fight at Karachi. The mission was to destroy Pakistan’s naval base in Karachi. This was a very big feat for us. We were able to sink the destroyer PNS Khyber and minesweeper PNS Muhafiz, with our missile boats INS Nipat and INS Nirghat. This day is even to remember the many lives that were lost. The Indo-Pak war was impacted by our success in that attack.

Since then we have made many changes and improvements to our naval base, strengthening our hold in the Indian ocean as well.

This day is celebrated with the ships being opened for the public to see the advancements that the Indian navy has made. They plan all the functions in the Visakhapatnam naval base. A Wreath laying ceremony is held every year in the war memorial at RK beach. After that, the Navy soldiers demonstrate their skills and talents that they have learned and use on the ship.

Start of the Indian Navy

India has always been active with ships to protect them. In the 1500s, Manavikraman, a Samoothiri Raja of Kozhikode started building his ships to overthrow the Portuguese. The Portuguese had started their trade in India, they used to come in ships and take the goods to their own country but soon tried to take over a little portion of the Indian land. Seeing that, Manavikraman made his attempt to stop them by building his own ships and fighting them, while they were on their way.

This was effective to an extent, but the Portuguese sought help and were able to strong-arm him.

Indian Navy Day
Indian Navy United together to Serve the Country.


He was the first one to start the building ships.

Father of the Indian Navy

Chhatrapati Shivaji Bhosle is known as the father of the Indian navy. He was a Maratha emperor who was born in the 1700s. He officially started the building of ships and a naval base. He was a progressive man and helped advance military strength. We see his progress to this day.


Indian Navy Day
Father of Indian Navy – “Chhatrapati Shivaji Bhosle”

Nevertheless, India has achieved a lot and is going to as well.

‘A Great Navy of a Great Country’

‘Vande Mataram’