Importance of Keywords – Things You Need to Know About Keywords

in SEO

Keywords form an important aspect of writing a blog but only a few writers understand the importance of keywords. This is the reason why even excellent posts fail to feature in Google search rankings or continue to attract internet traffic after a while.
Posting good-quality blogs help to drive traffic to a website. Google implements an algorithm to position a webpage for specific keywords. Keywords are one of the key factors that can influence the ranking of a site in Google therefore every blogger must deal with the problem of objective keywords.

1. Perception of SEO on Importance of Keywords:
Google does not take meta keywords into consideration while picking keywords for ranking websites. People may not land on the correct web page if the sites are ranked on the basis of meta keywords. If a visitor lands on a useless webpage then it may reflect on the bounce rate and time spent on the site. Rather a page containing an article with specific keywords is simpler to rank. It is easy to find keywords with the help of tools like Google Instant Search. This tool can help find competitive target keywords so an author can write optimized content.
2. Keyword Frequency and Density
Based on the target keywords, a post must consist of a certain density of keywords. When the search engine ‘crawls’ a webpage, it can determine whether the page is worth the search for the user through its density of keywords. In other words, it is important to maintain a specific density and frequency of keywords to let the search engine index that article. The keyword density can vary between 1-1.5% but never exceed over 3% of the length of the article. Overdoing the keywords throughout the piece of the blog will be detrimental to the rankings.
3. Keyword Stuffing
Overusing or stuffing articles with keywords would rather alert Google algorithm. The spiders or crawlers may even mark the article as spam if the post is found to be unnecessarily stuffed with keywords. This is considered as an act to deceive the search engine and will eventually affect the rankings of the website. It is thus of immense importance that an article contains precise keywords and just the right amount of them too.

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