Holi – The Celebration of Colorful and Happy Spirits

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The craziest and fun-filled festival Holi is hitting the corner now. Gear up to spread the colors of affection and care with tiny drops of mischief and gags on your loved ones. Holi festival is known as the symbol of good winning over evil and it also streaks the arrival of fresh spring season.

Why Holi is Celebrated?

Holika Dahan Story Video

We all are well aware of “Holika Dahan Story” which signifies the burning of hateful and evil. Even today we follow that tradition in the form of ‘Holika Dahan’ to celebrate the victory of good over bad. The day after “Holika Dahan” , people enjoy the festival of Holi by wishing everyone “Happy Holi” with colors. Have you ever wondered why we play with colors on Holi? There is another mythological story behind the presence of colors in Holi festival. It is accredited that Lord Krishna once asked his mother about his dark complexion and Radha’s fair complexion. His mother in order to conciliate him in a playful manner told him to sprinkle any of the colors on Radha to match up. This mischief of Krishna emerged as a custom and tradition of coloring loved ones’ faces as a symbol of love and affection.

Mathura Holi and Vrindavan Holi Festival

Mathura Vrindavan Holi Festival

Mathura and Vrindavan are the epicenters of Holi festival. Even today the people in Mathura and Vrindavan enact the scenario of Radha-Krishna Holi to feel the essence of love and devotion of these two legends. People gather at Mathura aka the land of Krishna to celebrate this colorful fun and frolic of Mathura Holi from around the corner of India and even from foreign countries to celebrate Holi in India. The Banke Bihari temple in Mathura is the biggest attraction for visitors during Holi festival, there is a custom of playing Holi with flower petals, abeer, and gulaal. This is the mark of traditional Holi in Mathura and Vrindavan.

Holi is among the widest celebrated festivals in India. Great excitement and warmth can be easily noticed among people during the traditional Holi celebration. The company of near and dear adds an extra brownie point to the excitement level. The sweetness of gujiya melts down all the bitterness of life and relations at once.

Play Safe Holi

Safe Holi Quotes

We all are in high spirits of Holi celebrations. And let’s not deny the fact that each one of us wants to splash colors and water balloons on friends and near ones. One must continue doing all these gags but proper attention should be paid regarding skin and eye allergies. One thing that needs major attention is “safe play”. Some indecent people harass unknowns and specially girls to satisfy their inner byplay which is not at all sustainable. This is definitely a sad Holi fact that people ruin the festive vibes because of their misdeeds. People must respect this devoting and loving festival.

Let the Colors Brighten your Day

Holi celebration unwinds all the stress and streams a rainbow of fun. Let’s not limit the flavor of this biggest fun festival by only forwarding Holi greetings messages and texts. The real meaning of Holi is to initiate the feeling of affection for each other. Wishing you a colorful arrival of fun and ecstasy throughout your life on this Holi.