Hindi Diwas 2018 – Feel Proud to Speak Your National Language

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A language is a powerful tool which holds the capability to move a million. The Hindi language holds great significance as it embeds the aspects like harmony and understanding among the people of India. Hindi Diwas is celebrated every year on 14th of September. The Hindi language was marked as India’s official and National language on this particular day in the year 1949.

History Related to Hindi Diwas

When India became a free country; the government of India made an objective to regulate the mother tongue – Hindi language with the grammar and orthography. At that time in order to embrace standardization in writing the Devanagari script was used and exercised. This language is spoken in the form of a mother tongue among 258 million people.

Celebrations and Activities of Hindi Diwas

hindi diwas 2018

The celebration of Hindi Diwas takes place in almost every corner of India. This special day is mostly celebrated mostly in government offices and institutions. People tend to pay tribute and respect to the mother tongue. Most of educational institutions tend to organize numerous activities stressing upon the significance of Hindi language. In schools, students perform on several Hindi songs in order to spotlight the relevancy of widely spoken language. Teachers also participate in organizing plays and events related to Hindi Diwas. Hindi speeches, poems, and plays can be observed easily in several institutions on this day. Many organizations arrange Hindi essay writing and slogan writing competition with an aim to enhance the adoption of Hindi language among the new generation.

Significance of Hindi Language

We all can relate to the fact that English language is the most preferred language when it comes to advanced studies and corporate things. Learning English has become the need of the hour but we must not forget the vastness and adeptness of our mother tongue. It gave us wings to express our ideas and beliefs in an effortless manner. The Hindi language has a major contribution in the growth and development of our economy. Hindi language tends to explore and showcase the history of ancient India and all the traditions and cultures related to it. The essence of familiarity can be witnessed in this particular language. Hindi is a very broad language which is not limited to the adoption in India only but it is also exercised in countries like Nepal and Trinidad etc. Hindi is the language that is considered to be the link language.

There are many awards and recognitions that are given to the people for their brilliant assistance and contribution to the great Hindi language. It is also an excellent manner to aware and encourages the new generation and people towards Hindi language. There is a special award named “The Rajbhasha Gaurav” award that is given to the talented Hindi writers who contribute their writing in the field of science and technology. This award is presented by the honorable president with prize money.


The chief and fundamental aim of celebrating Hindi Diwas is to support and encourage the utilization of Hindi language as the mother tongue and official language of the Nation. It is the language of a common man in India. We all know that India is a vivacious country filled with hundreds of cultures and traditions. Hindi Diwas is a great day to enhance the usage and value of Hindi language as this language contributed a lot at the time of Indian Independence. The celebration of Hindi Diwas is utmost important as somewhere we all are budding into the usage of English language in our day-to-day life and work. This day aims to mark respect and tribute to our mother tongue.