Happy Friendship Day – Clique, Chaos or a Perk !!!

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Do you remember the time when you were in school and carried at least 10 bands to tie on the wrist of your friends to define your authority on them? Have you ever had the time to think why you did so? I bet, you have no answer to this question. And then gradually years passed and you had no reason to buy wrist bands!

So what happened? How did your love for your friend die? Chill, nothing changed. You still love each other and are still close to each other. Every band you tied on one another’s wrist still has an obscure meaning.

The reality is, YOU’RE A GROWN UP NOW.                        


Friendship’s Day is so cliqued that the essence of the day has evaporated into the woods of fragmented happiness that now exists in fictional fairy tales. This Day is celebrated on the 1st Sunday of August every year and was first celebrated in the year 1935.  The idea was to encapsulate the thought of this day with our friends and rejoice the memories we’ve already created or we are about to create.

Let’s discuss something more important rather than criticizing this day.

How did this Day get so Much Importance?

This day is years old and this day doesn’t really have any paramount significance to be precise. I mean there is no actual history related to this day. So, how did we reach here?

  • Word of Mouth

In ancient times declarations and drum beats helped us in making announcements. In fact, the concept of notice boards and billboards are also carried forward since years.

Friendship Day also must have got importance with the help of these old-school marketing techniques.

  • Street Plays

‘Nukkad Natak’ or Street Plays were also largely used to make people understand various messages. The gap of communication was filled with the help of these techniques and also these techniques are still used to make the uneducated segment of the society understand crucial concepts.

  • Pictures and Graphs

Pictures, paintings, and graphs were also used to elaborate on the events on the corner as well as the days that were to be celebrated. The same ancient technique has been reformed and is now known as ‘advertising’.

How Real Friendship Works?

“A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out”, this quote evokes the real spirit of this day. I once went across my grand ma’s diary and found some notes wherein she described her feelings for her best friend:

Iand Jerimih were sitting on the side of a lake embracing the torn notes we exchanged years ago; we laughed and giggled as we read what we had written.

Lisa to Jerimih Pizza bites would have been better if you wouldn’t have over-baked the dough, you loser!

Friendship Day
Source: binscorner.com

Trying to connect her age with the image of her being a child and still being able to maintain their friendship evoked a sense of happiness in me towards this day.  The existence of their friendship made me believe in the abstraction of friendship more and more.