Happy Earth Day – To Safeguard the Future of Living

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The concept of Earth Day was started in USA in the year 1970 by Nelson, who after observing the damage caused by a 1969 massive oil spill in Santa Barbara, California, showed concern and worked on inspiring the organization of national “teach-in” which entirely focused on generating awareness as well as educating public about the environment control and preservation of natural resources.  Since then this day is celebrated on 22nd April every year across the world. The concept of this day brings about the thought regarding ways in which the earth should be prevented from all the harms and humanly interferences. The day is celebrated all over and endeavors are made to celebrate this day in a special manner. The motive of this day is to save water and energy, along with taking measures to reduce pollution, recycle materials and protect animals, trees, and plants to safeguard the overall environment.

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Each year, in order to take the celebrations in their true hard spirit, corporations and activists work on developing initiatives, new projects, and campaigns which are targeted at protecting and restoring the planet. Children at schools celebrate Earth Day by creating themed crafts in the school projects.

Attempts include promotion of understanding the significant environmental issues. Such awareness helps in inspiring people to take critical actions targeted towards adopting best living practices on a day-to-day basis. The second idea is to commit oneself in the service of Earth Day that includes cleaning up a stream, planting some trees, and helping in setting up the community garden.

On this day, citizens take a pledge to save water; keep it clean and accessible for years to come. Apart from this, various events and talks are held to state the importance of saving the earth’s environment to have a positive outcome. This day spreads out the message and dishes out help and contribution in preserving the health and beauty of our planet to ensure easy survival of generations to come.

Earth Day 2016 Theme: Trees for the Earth

Some events also present the outlook on things such as pleasantness of walking in nature and appreciating it, growing a flower, trashing a discarded bottle or recycle it, saving electricity by switching off the lights when not needed, powering off the computer and using certified & naturally made beauty products.