Deck Out for the Eid Al Adha Festival Celebrations 2018

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People across the nation will join to celebrate the holiest Muslim festival Eid Al-Adha on Wednesday, August 22. This festival signifies the finishing of Hajj, the Muslim pilgrimage to the most holy place of this religion – Mecca. This is an annual pilgrimage which notices countless devotees.


Eid Al-Adha is also called the ‘festival of sacrifice’ as it reputes the compliance and ardor of Ibrahim to sacrifice the life of his own son in order to obey the command of God. Noticing Ibrahim’s devotion and sacrifice god bestowed him a goat to sacrifice instead of his own son. In remembrance of this majestic event, celebration hails in each and every corner of the nation. Ibrahim and his son later built a Kaaba around that particular place with an aim to provide a peaceful and holy place to the people where they can find peace on the name of Allah. Kaaba is located in the holiest Muslim place Mecca. Numerous Muslims across the world tend to visit this place.

Eid Al Adha 2018

Customs and traditions

This festival is celebrated across the globe. Muslims around the nation mark this holy event by forfeiting a goat and then distributing the meat among friends, family members, Muslim community members, and the poor or needy. This festival is also called as Bakr-Id because almost all Muslims tend to sacrifice goats on this day as a symbol of devotion. The eid festival begins with paying the eid prayers and adorations in the mosque. Soon after finishing with the prayers, many people head towards the graveyard in order to remember and offer respect and regard to their near ones who are no more in this world. People tend to visit their friends, neighbors, and relatives to wish eid. People carry special dishes and sweets and join their near and dear ones to cherish this wonderful occasion. People get together to celebrate eid with utmost cheer and enthusiasm. The most famous dish related to the festivity and celebration of eid is ‘sevaiyan.’ People of all ages enjoy this sweet dish which adds up more prosperity to the celebration. This day also observes the unique and creative henna designs on the palms of ladies. The ladies tend to wear ethnic clothes on the special occasion of eid. There are many public events and get-together takes place to enhance the merriness of this holy festival. This festival is celebrated all around the world and not just in Asia.

In this spell of Eid al-Adha around the world, many Muslims initiate a holy voyage to Mecca and the other surrounding holy places in Saudi Arabia to carry out the famous Hajj pilgrimage. It is considered to be a very large and devotional pilgrimage. Many countries tend to offer package holidays for the people who want to participate in this pilgrimage. There are many people who save their earnings in order to visit the most holy place.

So let’s celebrate this divine festivity with friends and relatives. This day also appeals to resolve the disputes with near and dear ones and forget all the negatives.