Cheers to All the Wonderful Friendships Out There

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You all must be busy with uploading cute pictures of your friends on social media, tagging them in BFF quotes, forwarding texts reminding them the bond you share, planning a lunch with the squad? This is exactly what we all do every year to share our inner feelings with those crazy and mad chums who never give up on us despite any fight or argument.“Friendship Day” the most cheerful buzz of August. We all have many relationships by the grace of god, yet we feel incomplete without the relationships we choose for ourselves. Yes, there is nothing more magical and crazy than a friendship. The biggest blessing one could ever have is the company of his/her friends throughout each up and down in life. A cherished picture of you both in a frame fills your heart with zillions of memories you can never forget.

Life is Better with Friends

So what’s running in your mind to surprise your best friend this friendship day? Here are some exciting and heartiest things you can do to put a smile on your bestie’s face.

  • You know your friend is an all-time foodie. Visit your friend’s place carrying the favorite cuisine without their knowledge to make them awestruck with your surprising and sweet gesture.
  • If you are the one who is always ditching the plan then it is the perfect time to execute the travel plan which was pending for a long time. Get this trip done right now to feel the excitement and fun you can have being around your best buddies.
  • If you want to remind them of all the school, college memories again make a photo collage by collecting all the silly pictures you have till date. This will surely give them a wave of mixed feelings – emotional yet happy.
  • If you are far away from your friends make a little effort to make them feel special by sending a hand-made card or e-card. Writing your heart out is a great idea to maintain that long-distance friendship.
  • Plan a sleepover with your squad. Yes, this is the fun idea you can initiate to make this day a memorable one. Turn on the music loud and shout out to the friendship. Let this night be as crazy as you all are. You will be energized to the fullest.
  • A chit-chat session with your gang is all you need to shed the stress away. Call them up and get together to feel the presence of each other. You will get to know the hilarious stories from each of your friends.
  • Give break to the usual drinking and clubbing scene this year. Instead, call them in for a house party or watch a movie with your group of friends.
  • Is there any friend you want to apologize to? If yes, then go ahead and express your feelings. This can be a tremendous time to forget all the drifts and hug it out.

Happy Friendship Day 2018

We all agree that each one of us is busy with our own concerns and responsibilities but hold on a second we are missing all the fun in between all these hustles and hurries. This day brings together your partners in crime. The biggest gift you can give your friends is your time. This is the day to bring about all the cherishing moments with your loving gems. Remind them that nothing can fade your bond and friendship by initiating any small gesture. Get in touch with your forgotten buddy whom you haven’t talked to from a long time. This will be going to give you both an immense pleasure you were craving for.