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Celebrating The 71st Independence Day

The history of Independence Day of India dates back to 1947 which is the 1st Independence Day of India. Seventy one years back, India was fighting a battle of freedom from the British Empire. It was under the control of the British Empire for over a long period enduring its brutal and remorseless conduct. There are many events that have left a profound scar in the memories of the people such as the taxation, Amritsar massacre, partition and many more. So many battles were fought, so many lives were sacrificed. People took up arms for the sake of the liberation of their country and countrymen and they were called Freedom Fighters. It was on the 15th August 1947 that India won this battle and celebrated the first Independence Day of India, which substantiates the significance of this day for the people of India.   

First Independence Day- By AMICI
Celebration Of First Independence Day

India however is considered to be the world’s largest democracy today. It is the only country in Asia that has perpetuated its democracy since Independence.  The achievements that India has accomplished since then, is exceptional.  

Let us look at some of the remarkable achievements of India-

  • Eradication Of Polio- India has been successful in eliminating the issue of polio. The last case of polio was found in the 2013. The World Health Organization (WHO) has certified India to be free of Poliomyelitis.   
  • Rise In The Literacy rate- In the recent years India has seen a rapid rise in the literacy rate. The top ten states with the highest literacy rate in India are Kerala, Lakshadweep, Mizoram, Tripura, Goa, Daman and Diu, Puducherry, Chandigarh, Delhi and Andaman and Nicobar Islands.
  • Scientific Achievements- Over the years, India has accomplished many achievements in the field of science such as nuclear power, Thumba Equatorial Rocket Launching Station, Mangalyaan, Thirty Meter Telescope and many more. Some of the Indian scientists who made a remarkable contribution to its scientific achievements are A.P.J Abdul kalam, Vikram Sarabhai, Prafulla Chandra Ray and the list never ends.

Unknown Facts About Independence Day India:

Let us look at some of the unknown facts about Independence Day India

  • The Indian flag was first hoisted actually in the Parsee Bagan Square, Calcutta on 7th August 1906, way before Independence and too much to the surprise of people who believe it was actually first hoisted on the August 15th India Independence Day 1947.
  • Mahatma Gandhi was not the designer of the Indian flag but it was Pingali Venkavya who was also a freedom fighter.
  • Bhagat Singh who is among the most famous Freedom Fighters was well-versed in various different languages like English, Arabic, Swedish, French, Multani, Punjabi and Hindi.
  • India is considered to be a true peace maker as it has never invaded any country.
  • The Sanskrit name of India is Bhartiya Ganarjya.
Flag Hoisting- By AMICI
Hoisting Of Indian Flag

Celebration of Independence Day in India:

Independence Day is one of the most awaited events of India, as it not only brings a spree of celebration but awakens a patriotic zeal among the citizens. Ever since the first Independence Day of India, it is celebrated every year. People have different ways to celebrate this day. Some like celebrating at home while others prefer going out.   

  • Cultural Programs- Cultural programs are the most prominent means of celebrating any festival or events in India. Be in schools, colleges or offices every institution celebrates Independence Day through various activities like performances, speeches, debates, discussions and flag hoisting trailing the theme of Independence. Teachers, students and other staffs start planning how to celebrate Independence Day in school in India from a very beginning.
  • Flying Kites- Flying kites is a traditional way of celebrating Independence Day in India. Although it is considered to be an entertaining way of celebrating Independence Day today, but it has a deeper history. Going back to the history of Independence Day of India, in the 1927 there was a slogan against the Simon Commission that was “Simon go back”. Indians that time used the kites to put their protests forward, they wrote the slogan “Simon Go Back” on the kites and flew them. But today, people take the flying of kites on the 15th of August as just a fun activity.
  • PicnicsPeople often prefer going to picnics on the 15th of August with their friends and families. There are many places in India which even hold Independence Day Fairs where people love going to with families especially children.   
  • PartiesSince the Independence Day brings a holiday, people even plan for inviting some friends and relatives over lunch or dinner and spend time together.
Independence Day Celebration- By AMICI
Celebrating Independence Day

Why we celebrate Independence Day in India? The Celebration of Independence Day in India is perceived as one of the events that is the most respected and awaited. It is celebrated also to remember the sacrifices that our Freedom fighters have made for the sake of the future generations jeopardizing their own lives. Hence it holds a great stature in nurturing and awakening the passion of the younger generation towards their nation. Evoking a sense of responsibility towards the nation in the younger citizens is one of the reasons why we celebrate Independence Day in India.

Remembering The Sacrifices- By AMICI
Celebration To Remember The Sacrifices Of Our Freedom Fighters